Wooden Mushrooms -set of 3

Product Description

A gorgeous set of 3 hand carved wooden mushrooms/toadstools.

Available in 2 sizes and styles,these charming sets looks fabulous in any location making a lovely focal point for lawns,borders,containers,woodland or enchanted fairy gardens. Perfect for adding interest to a shady area under trees where you may struggle to grow plants.

Made for us in Indonesia from a local sustainably sourced plantation Jempinis wood, they are carved using simple tools this adds to their rustic charm. Each piece is then coated in a honey coloured finish. You can re-coat these annually with an exterior vaarnish or oil of your choice,or leave them to weather naturally.

Each mushroom comes with a metal spike which is inserted into the base of the mushroom stipe, this then pushes into the ground to secure in place. The tops are left loose for packaging, when they arrive with you, you just place the top onto the stem, you can glue them in place if you choose, but this is not essential.

Please be advised these are made from real wood, they may have splits, or may split over time, there may be natural discolouration and knots in the wood, and the grain and colours will vary on each individual piece. This is not a fault in the product just a part of the natural beauty of the wood. We are sure that you agree this adds to the charm and beauty of the product.

Care Instructions - Varnish annually with an exterior wood varnish or leave natural to age.

Measurements (approx.)

Mushrooms.: Small  20,30,40cm   

                       Large  40,50,60cm 

Toadstools:              20,30,40cm     

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