Handcrafted Free Standing Lotus Flower T-Light Holder

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    Free standing bronze effect lotus flower T-Light Holder designed and hand crafted for Travellers Finds.

    We travel to Thailand to work and purchase directly from local artists.

    Stands on a table, looks fantastic amongst others as a centre dining table display. A T-light candle to be placed inside the t light holder tray which is positioned inside the main body of the flower, then the candle glows through the pliable petals

    A beautiful gift or display in your own home or garden. Ideal as a garden, balcony or party decoration.

    Suitable for in your home or garden

    Travellers Finds Metal T-light Holders are fine outside all year round; however, we recommend treating with WD40 regularly to prevent rust or discolouration.

    Please note: Each T-Light Holder is beautiful hand crafted, truly unique and may vary slightly from the display image shown.

    Measurement height 21cm

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