Hand Crafted Dragonfly T-Light Holder

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Product Description

Our Dragonfly  T-Light Holder designed and hand crafted for Travellers Finds in an art deco style.

We travel to Thailand to work and purchase directly from local artists.

The T-light holder has a base for standing on the table. The Dragonfly holds the round T-Light holder in its arms.

A beautiful gift or display in your own home or garden. Ideal as a garden, balcony or party decoration.

Suitable for in your home or garden

Travellers Finds Metal T-light Holders are fine outside all year round; however, we recommend treating with WD40 regularly to prevent rust or discolouration.

Please note: Each T-Light Holder is beautiful hand crafted, truly unique and may vary slightly from the display image shown.

Length 30cm, width 24cm, Height 14cm

The wings will be  upwards when delivered, the metal is pliable allowing you to open the wings at home.