Hand Crafted Metal Twisted Guinea Fowl

Product Description

The Twisted Guinea Fowl are made from recycled mild steel. A beautiful addition for lawn, patio or deck. Also a stunning sculpture for indoors.

The twisted guinea fowl are a very popular piece with our customers and are easy to look after.

They are coated with a clear coat varnish when you receive them and we recommend that you re apply a varnish after a year.

We suggest a clear coat aerosol lacquer is used twice a year as it is easier to coat the twisted metal with a spray, however you can brush on a clear coat exterior varnish if preferred.


  • Small Twisted Guinea fowls approximately 23cm tall.
  • Large Twisted Guinea fowls approximately 38 to 40cm tall.

Looks great positioned as a family.

A peg or staple nail can be placed over the toe to secure in place.

Please be advised that the image shown is for illistration purposes only and the item that you receive may differ in stance as these items are handmade each piece is unique.

Hand Crafted Metal Twisted Guinea Fowl