Hand Crafted Flowers Recycled Metal Poppy

Product Description

Travellers Finds, African Creations Hand Crafted Flowers Recycled Metal Poppies two styles, with and without wilting poppy petal

The image is for illustration purposes only, each poppy is handmade from recycled materials so each poppy will differ in shape and size.


10cm X 75cm (approx.)  The photo is for illustration purposes. This is for a single flower stem. Multiple flowers shown in photo.

Hand painted and handmade from recycled metals. Whether its for a memorial garden to remember someone or just used as a ornament in a flower bed, these gorgeous poppies will make a statement in your garden. They could also be used indoors, in a vase or in with a house plant to brighten up your home. 

Each item is handcrafted, therefore may differ slightly in sizes and colour. 

Made from recycled mild steel , these metal sculptures are suitable for outdoor use all year round.

Each piece is coated with a clear exterior varnish. We recommend that after approximately 12 months you recoat with either a clear lacquer or an exterior clear varnish annually or as and when they require it.

Please Note: I am quite unique, I'm handmade so I vary slightly. I am not a toy and I may have some sharp edges.  

Please note... We love our planet and as such we use as much clean recycled packaging as possible; this may have writing on it or rips etc... we hope you are happy with this and our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.


  • 10cm X approx 75cm
Hand Crafted Flowers Recycled Metal Poppy